How MLB could realign divisions with rumored expansion teams

Changes to schedule, expanded playoffs, and rumored expansion teams pave the way for realignment

Cincinnati Reds v Oakland Athletics
Cincinnati Reds v Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Option 2: Geographical realignment

National League (or The West)

Pacific: Los Angeles (AL), Los Angeles (NL), San Diego, San Francisco

Southwest: Arizona, Houston, Las Vegas, Texas

Mountain: Colorado, Kansas City, Portland, Seattle

Midwest: Chicago (AL), Chicago (NL), Minnesota, St. Louis

American League (or The East)

Central: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee

Southeast: Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, Tampa Bay

Atlantic: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington

Northeast: Boston, New York (AL), New York (NL), Toronto

Yup, this shakes things up in a major way, and I know for a fact there would be major pushback from a lot of people. Again, I'm really not advocating for this, but exploring what I think is already crossing the minds of those who work in the League Office.

There are some cool things with this too. The New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago teams fighting within their own divisions now. A true "East Coast vs. West Coast" type of rivalry going on. And again, with how the new schedule works, they'll still play every team in the league. Still, this does change a lot of how we view the game if this would happen.


Keep an eye out for what industry insiders begin to say as expansion gets closer and closer. Major League Baseball could very well maintain most of the status quo, but with their actions lately, I wouldn't rest on that idea.

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