How does John Mozeliak stack up against other long-term general managers?

John Mozeliak is in his 17th season as the head of baseball operations for the St. Louis Cardinals. Has he been more successful than his peers?
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Mark Shapiro, Toronto Blue Jays -- August 31, 2015

Mark Shapiro was a long-time executive for the Cleveland Indians/Guardians prior to joining the Toronto Blue Jays as their President and CEO. He moved up north near the end of the 2015 season, and he is in his 9th season with the organization this year. Shapiro became an executive for the Blue Jays in 2015 as they sought to end a 22-year stretch without a playoff appearance.

The Blue Jays have seen moderate success under Shapiro, especially in the last half-decade. Thanks to young players like Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and an enviable starting rotation, the Blue Jays have remained in contention in one of the toughest divisions. However, the team has been unable to convert talent into results under Shapiro's leadership.

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It's really not close between Shapiro and Mozeliak. Both teams have 4 playoff appearances in the last 8 years, but the Blue Jays haven't won the division in a very long time. Yes, Toronto has faced much tougher in-division opponents (they finished 4th in the division in 2021 despite a 91-71 record), but the Cardinals have 2 division titles in the same time span. Both Toronto and St. Louis have made it to the Championship Series in the last 8 years, and both were sent home packing at that point.

There are two main detriments to Shapiro's resume: first would be the fact that his team went three straight years with a below-.500 record and the second would be an inability to capitalize on young talented players with a deep rotation. The Blue Jays have been relatively frugal since Shapiro's hiring, but they've spent time in the top 12 of team payrolls these last 3 years with nothing to show from it.

Mark Shapiro and John Mozeliak are close, but Mozeliak edges out Shaprio ever so slightly thanks to more sustained success.