How does John Mozeliak stack up against other long-term general managers?

John Mozeliak is in his 17th season as the head of baseball operations for the St. Louis Cardinals. Has he been more successful than his peers?
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John Mozeliak has been at the helm of baseball operations for the St. Louis Cardinals for over 16 years now. After being announced at the team's General Manager in the 2007-2008 offseason, Mozeliak has taken full control of the organization's baseball side of things.

Prior to his promotion, Mozeliak was the team's scouting director; in that role, he was a part of the drafts that brought Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina to the team. He was then an assistant general manager to Walk Jocketty. After his general manager appointment, it took Mo a decade to see another promotion to President of Baseball Operations in the middle of the 2017 season.

Mozeliak is the second-longest tenured baseball head in all of baseball right now. He's been operating in one of the highest positions in an organization for a very long time now. The franchise has seen ample success under John Mozeliak's guide, and he has outpaced many of his contemporaries who have been in similar roles for comparable periods of time.

A brief glimpse of St. Louis Cardinals' social media will conjure fans across the country calling for Mozeliak to be fired (along with his manager, Oliver Marmol). While recent years haven't been as kind to the two Cardinals' figureheads, John Mozeliak has a resume that stacks up against the best among his peers.

In order to see just how effective John Mozeliak has been as a General Manager and President of Baseball Operations, I wanted to conduct an exercise. Teams are judged mostly by wins and losses, particularly those in the postseason. While a general manager isn't on the field for each game of a 162-game season, he or she is responsible for setting up the players and field manager for success.

I analyzed a variety of win-loss stats for the 10 longest-tenured heads of baseball operations for teams throughout Major League Baseball, John Mozeliak included, to see how much more accomplished he's been compared to his peers. Below you'll find these figures for John Mozeliak himself.

Total Years

Team Record

Division Titles

Playoff Appearances

League Pennants

World Series Titles


1,361-1,127 (0.547)





The argument against John Mozeliak is that he hasn't seen success in nearly a decade. After all, the team's last World Series appearance was in 2013, and their last championship was in 2011. You'll find that argument to be common for many leaders on this list.

*All stats are as of the end of the 2023 season. This was the most recent full season, so I cut off analysis prior to the current MLB season.

Let's see if John Mozeliak has outpaced other baseball leaders in other organizations during their tenures.