How are members of the 2023 Cardinals doing on their new teams?

Tyler O'Neill, Boston Red Sox
Tyler O'Neill, Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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Paul DeJong

A series of injuries and just bad luck was DeJong's downfall with the St. Louis Cardinals. After giving him another shot to put together some consistency at the plate, DeJong hit a lag, and the Cardinals decided to give him a shot elsewhere while improving a struggling pitching staff.

DeJong was traded at the deadline to the Toronto Blue Jays for cash and pitcher Matt Svenson. About 20 days later, Bo Bichette's status as the Blue Jays' everyday shortstop improved and DeJong was released. The San Fransico Giants signed DeJong a couple of days later, only to release him less than a month later.

Refreshed and ready to prove himself to a new team, DeJong signed with the Chicago White Sox on a one-year deal worth $1.75 million. DeJong has started 15 games as the White Sox shortstop. He's slashing .275/.293/.600 with an OPS of .893. He has four doubles, three home runs, four runs scored, and four RBI. As a defender, DeJong has 12 putouts, 17 assists, and turned two double plays.

Hopefully, DeJong can use this season to get back to playing good baseball and earn a lengthy contract with a club.,