How are members of the 2023 Cardinals doing on their new teams?

Tyler O'Neill, Boston Red Sox
Tyler O'Neill, Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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Several 2023 St. Louis Cardinals members moved on to different teams for 2024. How are those players doing now?

The Cardinals made several moves at the trade line and after the season ended to improve a team with a dismal 71-91 record. John Mozeliak, president of baseball operations, promised the fans that they would bring in "pitching, pitching, pitching" to help improve their chances in 2024 and beyond.

Some fan favorites moved on from the Cardinals in the process. Those players are finding success with their new team.

Tyler O'Neill

In December, O'Neill was traded to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Nick Robertson and Victor Santos.

The move was not surprising after O'Neill seemed to struggle to stay healthy and on the good side of manager Oli Marmol. The manager quickly threw the slugger under the bus for a perceived lack of hustle while rounding third base on a night it had been raining in St. Louis. O'Neill pulled up while rounding third base to avoid injury after struggling to stay off the injured list with various issues. O'Neill took offense to the comment as he's been known to put in lots of work to stay prepared. The player also wanted to avoid public criticism, wishing Marmol had approached him man-to-man to discuss the issue. While it was said, the two hashed things out, O'Neill and Marmol's relationship didn't appear to heal. O'Neill landed on the injured list for most of the season, making a last-month attempt to help the team.

Since joining the Red Sox, O'Neill has extended his Opening Day home run streak to five consecutive seasons. He's also performed the way fans hoped he would have for St. Louis. He's slashing .313/.459/.750 with an OPS of 1.209. He's homered seven times with 15 hits through 15 games, scoring 14 runs and 18 RBI. He's also netted one stolen base.

As a Cardinal fan, this is frustrating because it's obvious O'Neill needed to move on to have success. He was not going to put up these numbers with Marmol and the Cardinals.

After hustling out a play and concussing himself, the player has also landed himself on the injured list. O'Neill was placed on the seven-day injured list retroactive to April 16 on Thursday after a collision with Rafael Devers. He was diagnosed with a mild concussion.