Here is how the Cardinals roster would look if did not make their huge trade mistakes

If the Cardinals had bet on the right talent, they would easily be the favorites to win the World Series this year
Detroit Tigers v St Louis Cardinals
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Ryan Helsley, Giovanny Gallegos, Jordan Hicks, Johan Oviedo, Zack Thompson, JoJo Romero, and Andre Pallante

The bullpen is both the hardest group to predict and also the weakest group of the bunch. Luckily for St. Louis, they've held onto arms like Helsley, Gallegos, and Hicks, so they don't have much in terms of regrets there.

This would likely be the group the club would look to upgrade at this year's deadline, but honestly, that's basically what every contender needs to do each year. It's hard to predict what bullpen arms will pan out year to year, and the Cardinals would have plenty of assets to make a deal happen.

Ultimately though, when your lineup and rotation are as strong as they look, you can handle some question marks with the bullpen leading up to the deadline.

Let's check out how this team would stack up on paper.