Have we seen any game management improvement from Cardinals manager Oli Marmol?

The numbers show that we might be seeing improvement in a few areas.
St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres
St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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Pitching and defense 


We are constantly being told that the starting pitching is better than last year. The bullpen has been improved and the defense is better. All of those can be debated, but how do the decisions the manager makes affect each of those areas?

Inherited Runners (Number of runners on base when pitcher entered the game.)  Last year they ranked 27th. This year 19th. 

Games Entered With Bases Empty (Pitcher entered the game with no runners on base) Last year the team was 29th. This year, 21st. 

IPmult (Games the pitcher pitched in more than one inning ) Last year the Cardinals ranked last. This year 19th. 

These three areas are a tremendous improvement over last year. It looks like the Cardinals have changed the way they are using the bullpen this year. They are bringing in the relievers into games in much lower stressful positions. Not waiting until the bases are loaded.  There are also fewer times the reliever has to pitch multiple innings. 


Last year the Cardinals ranked last in Outs Above Average as a team. This year we rank 23rd. 

In Defensive Runs Saved they were 20th, this year 15th. 

Ultimate Zone Rating in 2023 was 24th and this year they improved to 11th. 

Some of the defensive stats could be the players are just better. I believe that an increased focus by the manager and better positioning could be just as important.