Have we seen any game management improvement from Cardinals manager Oli Marmol?

The numbers show that we might be seeing improvement in a few areas.
St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres
St. Louis Cardinals v San Diego Padres / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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Team hitting stats under Marmol

Getting on base is not the manager’s job. He is not the hitter or the hitting coach. This is all on the batters. Last year the Cardinals ranked 9th on OBP. This year they have fallen to 21st. Last year the team had the second-best hard-hit rate only behind the Braves. This year, 26th. These are things the manager has no control over. However, once the player does his job, then the manager takes over. The very second the batter’s foot hits the bag, it is at that exact point the manager (through the coach ) should determine how to get that player to cross home plate.

 XBT% -- Extra Bases Taken Percentage - In other words, do they stop the runners at first, turning doubles into singles and triples into doubles? You could blame this on the coaches, but the manager is the one that ultimately determines the aggressiveness of the team. Last year: 27th, this year: 25th. 

Stolen Bases - More teams are generating runs by stealing. The rule change last year made it much easier. Most teams have a steal sign given to the runner. Last year the Cardinals ranked 23rd. This year: 26th.

Bunts/Sacrifice Flies -How is this manager with moving the runner over? Last year they were 18th in bunts and only 27th in sacrifice flies. This year the Cardinals rank 5th in bunts and 10th in sacrifice flies. 

Bases Taken -(Bases advanced on fly balls, passed balls, wild pitches, balks, defensive indifference). These are give-me’s that are free. Last year the Cardinals ranked 18th. This year they rank 2nd. 

1stS3 — (On First, when a single is hit and the runner reaches third or scores.) The age-old first to third. One of the prettiest plays in baseball. Last year they ranked 23rd. This year 11th. 

Pinch Hitting - Last year, they ranked 25th for the number of pinch hits. This year they rank 27th. 

Pinch Hit Leverage Index - (The importance of the context in which the Pinch Hitter was used Above one means higher than average pressure. Below one means lower than average pressure. ) Last year pinch hitters were brought into the game in the second highest leverage situations. This year it is the same.

RS% -- Run Scoring Percentage - (Percentage of times a base runner eventually scores a run.)  Last year’s rank was 30th. This year 26th.

The Cardinals are about the same in XBT%, stolen bases, pinch-hitting, pinch-hitting leverage index, and run-scoring percentage.

Much better in Bunts, sacrifice flies, bases taken, and going from 1st to 3rd.