Grading the Cardinals' draft picks from the 2023 MLB Draft

The St Louis Cardinals just added a welcome boost of talent to their farm system, but did they do enough?
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So how did the Cardinals do overall in the 2023 MLB Draft?

Overall, the Cardinals did fine in this draft even if the class is unexciting on the whole. The Cardinals did what they are most comfortable with and that is drafting position players with track records of performance that they hope to take to the next level. They are exceptional at doing that and we don't fault them for taking their shots there.

However, it does feel like they missed some opportunities on the pitching side of things even in a class that was light on college pitching. Again, they got some college arms that are likely to get to the high minors quickly just because they each have a few decent pitches, but none of them have the stuff to really overpower advanced hitters. One hopes that a guy like Matthews uses his deceptive delivery to forge a path towards missing bats, but that doesn't seem all that easy to do.

At the end of the day, how well Chase Davis does will determine what we think of this draft in a few years. Davis seems to be right up the Cardinals alley as a guy with some real raw power that the Cardinals can develop into a well-rounded hitter. If Davis' hit tool backs up, there could be some real problems. If he develops into a consistent offensive threat as a pro, then high fives all around. Hopefully the Cardinals find some pitching by the time he is ready for the big leagues.

Overall Grade: B

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