Grading the Cardinals' draft picks from the 2023 MLB Draft

The St Louis Cardinals just added a welcome boost of talent to their farm system, but did they do enough?
St. Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals
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The 2023 MLB Draft is finally done and we now know who the Cardinals should be adding to their farm system in the coming weeks and months. While there is a chance that St. Louis doesn't sign all of the guys they drafted, odds are that the vast majority of guys they picked are going to sign especially the players selected on days one and two because St. Louis needs their bonus pool money.

Now that we know the names, did the Cardinals do enough? This is an organization with clearly defined needs at the moment and while drafting the best player available on your board is often the best strategy (and it certainly looks like it worked out with Chase Davis falling in their laps), that doesn't change the fact that you would hope their board would include some accounting for organizational needs.

How did the St Louis Cardinals do in the 2023 MLB Draft?

The way this is going to work is that we are going to first give separate grades for the pitchers and position players that that the Cardinals drafted. The information that is out there on these guys is far from perfect, but we will do our best. Then, at the end, we will give an overall grade for the Cardinals' draft and how this draft class changes the outlook for the team going forward. It will make more sense as we go along.

Are these grades firm? Not at all. In fact, it is very likely that we will look back at this draft class in just a year and feel very differently about a number of these players. Projecting prospects accurately is almost impossible even with the best possible information. This is just an initial reaction to how we think the Cardinals did. Nothing is set in stone here.

Anyways, lets get into the Cardinals' draft picks from the 2023 MLB Draft.