Grading St. Louis Cardinals trade packages for this year's trade deadline

Grading trade packages from Twitter for the Cardinals at this year's trade deadline
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The next three moves come from @MastheAce

Cardinals get: Justin Wrobleski and Landon Knack
Dodgers get: Jack Flaherty

I could easily see the Cardinals trading Jack Flaherty at the deadline, even if they are in contention. For two arms like these, I see a lot of value in it.

Landon Knack is a right-handed starter who is knocking on the doors of the big leagues and is the Dodgers' 18th ranked-prospect. They are one of the deepest farm systems in baseball, so he is good value for sure. Justin Wrobleski is their 29th-ranked prospect and a left-handed starter in High-A, someone that the Cardinals could continue to develop and see make an impact a few years from now.

I do think there is a chance Flaherty is worth more though, since the pitching market will be so thin. But in theory, I like this deal a lot.

Grade: A-

Cardinals get: Landon Sims
Diamondbacks get: Ryan Helsley

I'm a huge fan of this trade. I think getting a guy like Landon Sims is great value for St. Louis. He was drafted 34th overall by the Diamondbacks in 2022 and has thrown just 4.1 professional injuries due to a late injury in college. He could end up being a starter in the big leagues, but if not, his plus fastball and plus-plus slider give him a high ceiling as a reliever.

For Arizona, they get a top-end reliever in Helsley for their push this season, and for the next few. I'm not sure how team's will value him with his injury, but Sims seems like fair value to me even with the injury.

Grade: A

Cardinals get: Martin Perez and Cole Winn
Rangers get: Giovanny Gallegos and Steven Matz

This is an interesting one for sure. The Rangers get a great reliever in the form of Giovanny Gallegos while taking on Steven Matz's contract, and only have to give up the expiring contract of Martin Perez and a struggling pitching prospect in Cole Winn.

I could see why the Cardinals would do this, as they would potentially upgrade their rotation for the second half with Perez, get a prospect who could still be something in this league in Winn, and shed the Matz contract.

I don't think the Rangers would want to take on Matz's deal, but maybe they think former Cardinals pitching coach and current Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux can help him out.

Grade: C+

From @Mahomes2Arenado

Cardinals get: Sixto Sanchez
Marlins get: Juan Yepez

Gotta love the classic prospect swap, and in this case, I think it makes a lot of sense.

The Cardinals need more options for their rotation moving forward and take a flyer on Sixto Sanchez, who used to be one of the top pitching prospects in the game but has fallen off of many. He has not pitched yet this sesaon due to injuries, making him someone the Marlins would likely move on from.

The Marlins could use more offense, and Juan Yepez has the bat to provide that. He hasn't been getting opportunities in St. Louis, but he would surely make an impact in Miami with legit playing time.

Grade: B


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