Grading St. Louis Cardinals trade packages for this year's trade deadline

Grading trade packages from Twitter for the Cardinals at this year's trade deadline
Los Angeles Dodgers v St. Louis Cardinals
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The Cardinals upgrade their bullpen

From @WesselTrey

Cardinals get: Scott Barlow and Aroldis Chapman
Royals get: Juan Yepez, Moises Gomez, and Michael McGreevy

I think this is of of my favorite trades submitted. Trey, well done. I could see there needing to be more value here, maybe replacing Gomez with a little bit more valuable of a prospect, but overall it's a great move for St. Louis, and I believe the Royals as well.

The Cardinals get two really good relievers to lock down their bullpen with Jordan Hicks, Giovanny Gallegos, and hopefully the return Ryan Helsley. This would shorten games for the Cardinals for the rest of the season and would make their playoff bullpen elite, probably the best in baseball.

Grade: A

From @LetsGoCards13

Cardinals get: Scott Barlow and Josh Staumont
Royals get: Dakota Hudson and Luken Baker

As much as I'd love this trade for the Cardinals, I don't think it's enough value for two relievers with club control remaining. Staumont has struggled the last two seasons but still carries a little bit of value. Barlow has been off this season as well but is still a very talented reliever.

I think the idea of acquiring both of them in a package is really smart, but it'll take more than a low ceiling guy like Baker and a throw away starter in Hudson.

Grade: C

From @BradsBsblBlog

Cardinals get: Drew Thorpe and Brando Mayea
Yankees get: Tyler O'Neill and Michael McGreevy

I can't stress enough how much I love this fit. The tricky part for me will be convincing the Yankees to part with their best pitching prospect in Drew Thorpe, but since he's the number six overall prospect and seven through nine are also right-handed pitchers, I could see it.

Thorpe was drafted in the 2nd round by the Yankees in 2022 and has pitched really well in High-A this year. He has a nasty changeup, and a good slider, but a fastball that sits in the low 90s that occasionally touches 95. His ceiling is a bit higher than McGreevy's but he's not some future ace. He could be a very good number-three starter but should have a floor as a back-end starter.

Mayea was the Yankees' $4.35 million international signing in 2023 and is currently their 10th-ranked prospect. He represents a very high-ceiling player with all of the tools in the world. Honestly, he's like Tyler O'Neill, but with a bit less natural power and the potential for a plus bat. Scouts think he could have plus or better tools across the board. He's still only 17 though, and has a projected ETA of 2028.

For the Yankees, they grab Tyler O'Neill in a "win-now" push for this season. They also get an extra year of control with him, which is huge. Their outfield defense may be the best in baseball with O'Neill, Harrison Bader, and Aaron Judge, and if O'Neill's bat bounces back, he makes their lineup dangerous. Michael McGreevy gives them a young arm that could even contribute this year, or slot into the back end of their rotation for 2024. With huge contracts dished out to Gerrit Cole and Carlos Rondon, they need some cost-controlled arms to factor into their rotation.

Grade: A+