Grading St. Louis Cardinals trade packages for this year's trade deadline

Grading trade packages from Twitter for the Cardinals at this year's trade deadline
Los Angeles Dodgers v St. Louis Cardinals
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Other packages for starting pitching help

From @Mahomes2Arenado

Cardinals get: Eduardo Rodriguez and Alex Lange
Tigers get: Ivan Herrera and Ian Bedell

This trade made me think for quite awhile. It would personally make me uncomfortable to give up Ivan Herrera for one half of Rodriguez, especially since he's been injured as of late, but you do get a controllable arm like Lange as well.

I personally wouldn't do the trade and I don't think the Cardinals would either, but I'm sure the Tigers would love it.

Grade: B

From @NootNewsPod

Cardinals get: Jesus Luzardo
Marlins get: Ivan Herrera and Tyler O'Neill

If the Cardinals were offered this by the Marlins, I think the deal would get done in a heart beat. I think Miami would probably want one more piece, like a Juan Yepez, and then I see this as an easy win-win for both sides.

Grade: A