Grading St. Louis Cardinals trade packages for this year's trade deadline

Grading trade packages from Twitter for the Cardinals at this year's trade deadline
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Trade packages for other White Sox starters

From @scottcriscione

Cardinals get: Michael Kopech
White Sox get: Victor Scott II, Jake Walsh, and a PTBNL

Scott, I really like your thinking here, but I would probably say there would need to be significant value added to it as well. I think Victor Scott II would be a very interesting piece for Chicago, but with Kopech's remaining control, his elite stuff, and how he's been pitching lately, I would lean toward a package that looks more like this - Gordon Graceffo, Juan Yepez, and Victor Scott II.

On the season Kopech is 3-5 with a 3.92 ERA, but he's really come on as of late. In his last 7 starts, he has a 2.01 ERA with 53 SO in 40.1 innings. Since he isn't a free agent until 2026, it'll take a lot for them to be ready to move on.

Grade: B-

From @Yadithegoat

Cardinals get: Lucas Giolito
White Sox get: Tyler O'Neill, Moises Gomez, and Dakota Hudson

@Yadithegoat, or "Sir Packy of Naughtonham" as his other name on Twitter, also suggested this package for Cease, which I think would be an F grade since the White Sox would never do it. But for Lucas Giolito, he's on to something.

If the White Sox decide to just cash in on impending free agents like Giolito and fringe roster guys with value rather than a full "blow it up", they may be interested in a package like this. O'Neill has another year of control and could be either a huge piece for them next year, or they could get even more in return for him next season if they sell. Moises Gomez has so much power, so they'd be able to see if it works at the big league level, and Dakota Hudson is just a depth arm at this point. They may need something a bit better than him in this thin pitching market.

For the Cardinals, if they are making a deadline push, this is a great deal for them. They offload three players who won't contribute for them and get a major rotation piece for the second half. I do think Dakota Hudson would need replace with a more valuable player, but this is worth a conversation.

Grade: B

From @mjeter9

Cardinals get: Lucas Giolito and Kendall Graveman
White Sox get: Dylan Carlson, Matthew Liberatore, and Paul DeJong

Michael is one of our newest writers at Redbird Rants and we are so excited to have him on the team. I think he nailed this trade package as well.

The pitching market is going to be competitive, so pieces like Carlson and Liberatore will be necessary to get pitching like Giolito. It would be an overpay if not for Graveman, which is where I think this deal comes together. If I'm the Cardinals, I probably want to try and give up a little less value here, but overall, it's a good idea.

Grade: A-