Grading 8 Cardinals trade proposals our readers think need to happen this offseason

We asked fans on social media to submit trade ideas for the Cardinals. Many submissions were made, but we wanted to grade these 8 trades that stood out.
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Patrick Sandoval is a trade target that I have not heard many people discuss this offseason but he could provide some intrigue for the Cardinals.

Sandoval had a bit of a down 2023 season, posting a 4.11 ERA in 144.2 innings of work. From 2021-2022 though, he threw 235.2 innings with a 3.17 ERA, with a 132 ERA+. He'd be a quality left-handed starter to add to the rotation but does not qualify as a number two starter in my opinion.

I like Sandoval, but I'm not sure he's the pitcher the Cardinals should be sending a package for. He has three years of control and is a nice starter, but I'm not sure what his ceiling truly is.

Ivan Herrera, Gordon Graceffo, Travis Honeyman, and Alec Burleson are a high price to pay for pitching, and while I don't think it's an outrageous asking price, I do think it's not the move they should moving their assets for. I would be moving assets to go after a true top-of-the-rotation talent, not someone whose value comes a lot from their control.

I could see the Angels being interested in something like this as they look to rebuild as an organization, but for St. Louis, I'm not a fan.

Trade Grade: C