Grading 8 Cardinals trade proposals our readers think need to happen this offseason

We asked fans on social media to submit trade ideas for the Cardinals. Many submissions were made, but we wanted to grade these 8 trades that stood out.
St. Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves
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Another Dylan Cease trade and this one is painful like the first one. No matter what, a deal for Cease is going to take a lot, but in my opinion, minimizing the amount of damage to the big league roster would be the way to go.

Masyn Winn is the centerpiece of this deal and someone I think the White Sox would covet. On the latest episode of the Noot News Podcast, we tier-ranked the top Cardinals trade assets, and we had Winn just below the untouchable tier. You can listen to our full rankings here.

I love Winn, and I'd be very hesitant to move him. I'd much rather replace him with assets like Thomas Saggese and Tink Hence, but with the presence of Tommy Edman on the roster, it's possible to move Winn if it means getting a frontline starter with control like Cease.

Carlson is a player that makes a lot of sense for the White Sox. They need outfield help badly and Carlson still has what it takes to be an impact player for a long time. Joshua Baez is a toolsy prospect who could be a big power bat in the future.

Gordon Graceffo provides the White Sox with an intriguing arm that is close to the Majors, giving them more arms to work with going forward.

I like this trade, but I do not love it for either team. I think the White Sox would want a bit more, and I think the inclusion of Winn makes giving more difficult for the Cardinals to swallow.

Trade Grade: B