Grading 8 Cardinals trade proposals our readers think need to happen this offseason

We asked fans on social media to submit trade ideas for the Cardinals. Many submissions were made, but we wanted to grade these 8 trades that stood out.
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Another Glasnow deal! Music to my ears!

The framework here is interesting. I do think it's a bit one sided in favor of the Rays though. In this deal, the Cardinals get their second front-end starter in Glasnow, but they also get a really strong reliever in Jason Adam with multiple years of control attached to him. I love the idea of getting both of these arms for the Cardinals, but I think the price is a hair high.

Burleson still has a ton of team control, and has what it takes to become an impact left-handed bat for a club long-term. I don't think this is what's happening in this proposal, but I do believe his name gets thrown around in packages too much. He has exactly 400 plate apperances at the Major League level in mostly a part time role. He was a top-100 prospect when he made his debut with St. Louis and shot through their system due to his excellent swing and just mashing pitching.

I would make him available in a Glasnow deal, especially if they are getting Adam too, but I don't think all three of these players are needed in this deal.

I would change this package to either Edman and O'Neill or Edman and Burleson. I think Edman is more expendable than most people would say, especially if the Cardinals hold onto Dylan Carlson. Yes, there is concern about who can play shortstop if Winn struggles or even just in spot starts, but I think you can sign a depth option there or rely on Donovan and Saggese to cover the gaps. Edman's in his second year of arbitration, and will likely see his salary around $10 million in 2025 and then be seeking a long-term deal following that. I just don't think the Cardinals need to pay him with the middle infield and center field options that they have long-term.

But at the time time, this deal had the Cardinals giving up eight years of control for four years of control, which I don't think is the best thing for St. Louis. I'm sure they'd rather give up Edman and O'Neill, but I think both sides could agree on a Burleson/Edman deal here. This would also allow the Cardinals to flip O'Neill for another reliever or prospect depth, which would be really helpful as they reshape their organization this offseason.

Trade Grade: B+