Grading 8 Cardinals trade proposals our readers think need to happen this offseason

We asked fans on social media to submit trade ideas for the Cardinals. Many submissions were made, but we wanted to grade these 8 trades that stood out.
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Ah man, Tyler Glasnow trades have a special place in my heart. I still believe going and getting Glasnow makes so much sense for the Cardinals, and I could see the Rays being interested in this package.

Tampa Bay would move off of Glasnow's $25 million salary and bring in an MLB-ready arm in Zack Thompson and a near MLB-ready arm in Graceffo. I don't think they'd value Baker very much, but he makes for a nice throw in that they can see if his bat plays. The Rays have a ton of injuries to their pitching staff as they go into 2024, so the depth of arms, especially cost-controlled, would open up their flexibility to continue to add to their club.

From the Cardinals' side of things, they bring in a super high upside arm in Glasnow who can give them a formidable 1-2 punch at the top of their rotation. I do think the Cardinals would prefer to move an outfielder instead of one of those arms, as they need to keep some immediate starting pitching depth for when injuries happen to any of their starters. I think they would likely move off Steven Matz if they got Glasnow, so that leaves their MLB-ready depth behind their starting five very thin.

I also personally think the Rays would want a position player as well, but I could totally see them taking this package.

Trade Grade: B+