Getting to Know the Cardinals' MLB Futures Game Prospects

Two of the Cardinals' prospects were announced to be playing in the Futures' Game during this year's All-Star Break. Let's find out more about these two rising stars.
St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day / Benjamin Rusnak/GettyImages
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The MLB Futures Game will take place in Seattle this year on July 8th, just before the All-Star Game. The St. Louis Cardinals had two players named to the roster: Tink Hence and Victor Scott II. The Post Dispatch initially released this information in this article (subscription required).

The Futures Game typically has lots of energy and excitement, as these players go from playing in minor league stadiums with limited amenities to major league stadiums with thousands of fans watching in person and even more watching on TV. It is their chance to make a name for themselves.

Last year, the team sent Jordan Walker and Masyn Winn. Both of these players shone in the game. The Futures Game is a great way for prospects to show their skills on the big stage and become more household names. Tink hence is well known in Cardinal fan circles; however, Victor Scott isn't as well known. Hopefully, both of these prospects leave the game with some success.

Both Hence and Scott II are in High-A Peoria. If you don't get the chance to watch the game, maybe take a day trip up to Peoria to see these future stars play!

Let's take a look at Tink Hence and Victor Scott II to learn a little more about each.