Five ways the Cardinals can handle their middle infield logjam

Los Angeles Dodgers v St. Louis Cardinals
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The Cardinals have a logjam in their middle infield that could be cleared up five different ways

I think I can speak for everyone in Cardinals Nation when I say that no one expected Paul DeJong to have the year that he is having, and it’s quite honestly very impressive. DeJong is currently slashing a line of .289/.366/.627 with 8 HR to his name, which is tied for 2nd among SS across the league, only behind Bo Bichette. The 29-year-old has shown that he can put up these numbers, with an All-Star season in 2019, tallying 30 home runs.

With DeJong playing at an All-Star level, this raises a plethora of questions for the managers and front office this offseason and the foreseeable future. It puts a lot of pressure on the front office to make the right decision on who will play in the future. The middle infield for the Cardinals is crowded, with players like Donovan, Edman, and Gorman all proving that they deserve everyday at-bats, along with the #38 prospect (according to, Masyn Winn, knocking on the door to play in the majors next year. It begs the question of who’s going to play.

This allows for many different options and routes that the front office can take to make room for Winn when he comes up, or will Cardinals fans even see Winn in a Cardinals jersey when he makes his MLB debut? Will Edman or Donovan be traded? Will DeJong be traded while his stock is high? Will OF be traded to make room for Edman or Donovan to play? Many variables will have to be answered to clear the murky waters that is the Cardinals' middle infield situation. Here are the options I think the Cardinals have for clearing the waters in the middle infield.