Examining the Boston trades, signings and drafts of the Cardinals' Chaim Bloom

Chaim Bloom has a chance to be the next President of Baseball Operations for the St. Louis Cardinals. A glimpse into his history with the Boston Red Sox could show fans what's in store.
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Drafts and development

Bloom oversaw four drafts with the Red Sox, alternating his yearly strategies in the first round. When the Red Sox picked high in the draft, they grabbed Marcelo Mayer in 2021 at fourth overall and Kyle Teel in 2023 at No. 14, signing them to a full-slot value and slightly below-slot value, respectively. In 2020 and 2022, the Red Sox picked later in the first round and went quite a bit under slot with their signings of Nick Yorke at 17th in 2020 and Mikey Romero at 24th in 2023.

The Red Sox have another promising prospect in Roman Anthony, an outfielder drafted 79th overall in 2022 who hit .272 across three minor league levels in 2023 but has skidded to a .241 average with Triple-A in 2024 because of a lack of pulled fly balls.

Although most of the draft picks under Bloom have not made it to the major leagues yet, his vaunted pitching development history may have helped the Red Sox get the most out of their currently elite rotation, comprising Kutter Crawford, Brayan Bello, Tanner Houck, Cooper Criswell and Nick Pivetta. The Red Sox are second in the major leagues in team ERA and tied for eighth in opposing batting average.

The Red Sox under Bloom also made a strong pick in the 2020 Rule 5 draft, taking right-handed pitcher Garrett Whitlock. Whitlock was a high-leverage reliever for Boston in 2021 and was extended in 2022. Before going down with an injury in April, Whitlock had staked a claim in the rotation, making four starts with a 1.96 ERA. Rule 5 picks usually come with almost zero expectations, so Whitlock could only be considered a success for the Bloom regime.

The main reason the Cardinals signed Bloom to work as an adviser seems to mostly be for development purposes, and as one can see, that appears to be where Bloom shines brightest. But if he is the one to take over when Mozeliak hands the reins to his successor, well... the more things change, the more they stay the same.