Examining the Boston trades, signings and drafts of the Cardinals' Chaim Bloom

Chaim Bloom has a chance to be the next President of Baseball Operations for the St. Louis Cardinals. A glimpse into his history with the Boston Red Sox could show fans what's in store.
Rafael Devers Extension Press Conference
Rafael Devers Extension Press Conference / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages
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Signings and extensions

Bloom's record in free agency has been less than stellar. Before the 2022 season, Bloom signed shortstop Trevor Story to a six-year contract worth $140 million. Story has been a disaster with the Red Sox, playing in only 145 games across three seasons while nursing a number of injuries, including a fractured shoulder early in 2024 that has knocked him out for the entire season. When Story has played, he's hit only .227 with a .681 OPS.

Other free-agent misses include Jake Diekman, whom the Red Sox signed for two years and $8 million in 2022 but who was traded at the deadline for catcher Reese McGuire after a 4.23 ERA in 38.1 innings. Enrique Hernandez was also a disappointment, hitting just .234 in his two and a half seasons with Boston.

Outfielder Masataka Yoshida was a splash out of Japan when the Red Sox signed him to a five-year $90 million contract. After starting his stateside career with promise, Yoshida faded in the second half of 2023 but still held a strong .289 average and a 109 OPS+ at the end of the season. He was playing adequately in 2024 before a thumb injury in late April knocked him out for an extended period.

The Red Sox are in the infancy of Rafael Devers' contract extension. Boston re-signed Devers to an 11-year $331 million deal before the 2023 season, which is the largest contract in Red Sox history by total value. How Devers' time in Boston shakes out will go a long way toward determining Bloom's reputation in Boston a decade from now.

Bloom did make his share of shrewd one-year signings, including Hunter Renfroe (2.4 bWAR), Michael Wacha (3.3 bWAR), Adam Duvall (1.6 bWAR) and Justin Turner (2.1 bWAR). He also signed Kenley Jansen (1.1 bWAR) and Chris Martin (3.3 bWAR) to two-year deals.

Cardinals fans will remember the seemingly endless number of failed pitcher signings the Cardinals have made (Brett Cecil, Greg Holland, Andrew Miller, Mike Leake), and while Bloom might have a slightly better record on the free-agent pitcher side, his signings of big-ticket position players haven't been quite up to snuff.