Cardinals top 5 trade chips if they want to aggressively add to their roster

Let's talk about the Cardinals as buyers for a moment. If they want to add at the deadline, what pieces could they realistically part with to make that happen?
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#3 - Sem Robberse

Seems odd to suggest the Cardinals could trade their most productive Triple-A starter this year when they currently lack a fifth starter, but for some reason, they do not see Sem Robberse as an option at the big-league level right now, and there are clearly arms coming behind him they see higher upside with long-term.

Robberse is just 22 years old and is already having great success at the highest minor league level. In 10 starts so far this year, Robberse is 5-2 with a 3.28 ERA, striking out just under one batter per inning. He's made some helpful changes to how he uses his pitch mix this year which seems to have helped him up his standing in the organization.

While he may not have the upside of a top-end starter, teams will surely value the potential of a cost-controlled back-of-the-rotation starter for years to come, which gives him value on the market. I think he's a more valuable piece than Johan Oviedo was in 2022, and he was able to help the Cardinals bring in Jose Quintana. Surely Robberse would be able to snag them a quality piece if they needed to part with him.

I think they'd like to hold onto as many arms as they can, but at some point, you have to trade something in order to get value in return. If Hence and Roby are off the table, as well as guys like Quinn Mathews, Cooper Hjerpe, and other higher upside arms, Robberse may be the top arm they are okay parting ways with for the right guy.