Cardinals Spring Training: Notes from Oli Marmol, John Mozeliak, and more

St. Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins
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Nolan Gorman has been named as a player they are impressed by early

Managers get asked all the time who is standing out during camp. Most of the time they ramble off a list of players or decide to play coy with it, but Marmol was not shy in singling out Nolan Gorman already

After a hot and cold stint in St. Louis during his rookie season, hype around Gorman has cooled down a bit. recently predicted he would be one of the breakout hitters of 2023, and so far, it looks like he is making the adjustments necessary to make that a reality.

Like Carlson, Gorman has a lot of internal competition to find regular at-bats. Outside of competition with the DH options for starts there, he is also competing with fellow second-year player Brendan Donovan, who finished third in Rookie of the Year voting and won the utility Gold Glove award. It looks like Gorman is rising to the challenge so far, so we will see how the results pan out.