Cardinals split series with Pirates in frustrating fashion

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Hicks being shifted to lower leverage situations

Before Sunday's game, the team management had a meeting with Hicks regarding how to get him back on track. Since Hicks has five years of service in the league, he would have to approve being sent on a minor league assignment.

Marmol told media Sunday morning that they are not in a "developmental league," but would have to find a way to use Hicks in low-leverage situations to "get him right." Hicks has a 12.71 ERA after 5.2 innings of work over seven games. He's allowed nine runs, eight of which were earned. He's given up 11 hits and eight walks while striking out six.

It seems the team is sacrificing having another arm that can be effective and not bruise Hicks' ego. The team would have to release him if they were to try to get him to the minor leagues. Releasing him could serve him up to another team that would like to take a gamble on Hicks; potential. The Cardinals obviously do not want to take that gamble.

The Cardinals seemingly have to hope for the best by putting Hicks in low-leverage situations to build his confidence.