Cardinals Rumors: Should St. Louis consider a Chris Sale trade?

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Paul DeJong and prospect for Chris Sale and money

The Red Sox have a need at shortstop now, and there has been speculation from Boston media that Paul DeJong could be a target for them. Why not swap the money from his contract and a prospect for the services of Chris Sale?

In this deal, the Cardinals acquire sale and $10 million to offset some of his money in 2023 and 2024 in exchange for DeJong and left-handed hitting prospect Alec Burleson. Sale immediately slots into the Cardinals rotation as their number two starter, giving them a five man group that has the potential to matchup well with other rotations in baseball. If Sale continues to battle injuries or struggles, his salary hit will be low enough that it was worth the risk for the Cardinals.

For Boston, they shed future money from their books but also take a flyer on DeJong, who if he regains his form in a change of scenery, they would have two club options to utilize on him moving forward. If not, they can decline those and let him walk. They also acquire Burleson, who would be a great DH/1B/corner OF option for them and his bat would project really well in Fenway Park.

The Cardinals have an abundance of young bats at the moment, and it is likely one of Burleson or Juan Yepez will not be on the big league roster this season when Jordan Walker makes his debut. Using him as a piece to potentially grab an elite starter makes a lot of sense for St. Louis.

Would you take a flyer on Chris Sale, assuming the contract is eaten some and the price point is low? If so, would you do this deal? Let me know in the comments below.

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