Cardinals' prospective pitchers' performances at Busch Stadium

The St. Louis Cardinals are linked to many pitchers, both free agents and trade candidates, this offseason. How have these pitchers performed at Busch Stadium III?
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Edward Cabrera - Trade

Edward Cabrera just finished his third season in the majors. He has pitched solely for the Miami Marlins, and he has struggled slightly. I discussed him in my mid-tier article as someone who could be a candidate for a bounceback season. In just five innings at Busch Stadium, Cabrera has a 1.80 ERA (1 earned run), 1.00 WHIP, and has six strikeouts to three walks. Walks have always been a problem in his career, but six strikeouts in just five innings is noteworthy.

Among other National League Central stadiums, Cabrera has pitched very well at Wrigley Field. In ten innings, Cabrera has a 2.70 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, and a 4.00 strikeout-to-walk ratio. He has, however, struggled at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. In just 3.2 innings, he gave up 2 earned runs, walked three batters, struck out only two, and finished with a WHIP of 2.46.

Lucas Giolito - Free Agent

Lucas Giolito has pitched in eight seasons, and he has spent time with Washington, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels, and Cleveland. Most of his time has been spent with Chicago. Giolito has only pitched in one game at Busch, and he pitched 6.1 innings, gave up three runs, walked two batters, and struck out seven. He has a 3.50 strikeout-to-walk ratio and a 0.95 WHIP. That one game came in 2018, the same year he was an All-Star and finished 6th in Cy Young voting.

Giolito has started three games at Wrigley Field, and he has a 6.89 ERA (12 earned runs in 15.2 innings) and a 1.53 WHIP, but he has struck out 22 batters for a 12.6 strikeouts-per-nine innings ratio. He has seen much more success at Miller Park in Milwaukee, pitching twelve innings to the tune of a 2.25 ERA, and 1.50 WHIP. He has struck out twelve batters and walked five.

Blake Snell - Free Agent

Blake Snell, similar to Lucas Giolito, just finished his 8th professional season. He started his career with Tampa Bay and won a Cy Young in 2018. He has pitched in San Diego these past three seasons. In three games at Busch Stadium (2017, 2022, and 2023), Snell has a 1.80 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, and 2.00 strikeout-to-walk ratio. He has pitched in a total of 20 innings, and he shut out the Cardinals once in his three games.

Snell has mostly played against the National League West and American League East, two divisions the Cardinals don't see too often during the regular season. However, Snell has pitched in 11.2 innings at PNC Park, and he struggled mightily; he has an 8.49 ERA, 1.63 WHIP, and has ten strikeouts to two walks. His first two appearances in 2017 and 2021 hurt his numbers severely. In ten innings in Chicago, Snell has a 1.80 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, and has struck out ten batters.

Tyler Glasnow - Trade

Tyler Glasnow just finished his eighth season as well. He received an extra year of arbitration, and he is projected to make $25 million dollars in 2024 through arbitration, his last year before free agency. Glasnow has pitched four times in St. Louis, two starts in 2016 and two relief appearances in 2018. He has pitched a total of 13.1 innings, and he has an ERA of 3.38, a 0.98 WHIP, and a 1.57 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Overall, Glasnow has pitched pretty well in St. Louis, limiting hits and not allowing many runs.

Glasnow started his career in Pittsburgh, so he is pretty familiar with PNC Park. In 75.2 innings, he has a 5.23 ERA, 1.81 WHIP, and \he has struck out 82 batters to 47 walks. He has not pitched very well in Pittsburgh. Glasnow has had great success in Cincinnati; he has a 1.93 ERA, 0.93 WHIP, and 2.50 strikeout-to-walk ratio in fourteen innings.