Cardinals' prospect Victor Scott II wants to bring "Whiteyball" back to St. Louis

Cardinals fans can't wait to see Victor Scott II in St. Louis, and his quotes on Whiteyball should endear him to fans even more.

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The St. Louis Cardinals, like the rest of Major League Baseball, puts a major emphasis on the long ball. Slugging percentage, isolated power, and OPS all matter when constructing an elite lineup in today's game.

But when it comes to top prospect Victor Scott II, he boasts a talent so elite that he can give Cardinals' fans flashbacks to an exciting era of baseball in the 1980s.

Scott has heard the comparisons to his game and the "Whiteyball" era and was quick to point out to Corey Miller of KSDK that his speed tool allows him to stand out amongst others in the game of baseball today.

Scott is about as exciting of a prospect as we've seen from the Cardinals in some time. He doesn't carry to same pedigree of a Jordan Walker or Oscar Taveras, but his style of play is just so rare in today's game and something that will excite fans on a nightly basis.

Scott, especially in 2023, figured out how to pair his elite speed with top-end defense (winning a Minor League Gold Glove in center field) and made major strides with his bat. He's now a top 100 prospect according to most major scouting outlets and is knocking on the door of a Major League debut.

I talked with Scott a few months ago on the Noot News Podcast, and listening to the adjustments he's made as a player to go from a guy whose only real tool was his speed to now a more well-rounded player is a huge development for the future of the Cardinals outfield.

It's unlikely that Scott begins the year in St. Louis, but with how thin their center field depth is and how high they are on him, it would not be surprising at all to see Scott become a regular in center field in the near future. The Cardinals have no need to rush him though, so they are going to do everything they can to set up Scott for success. He has the potential to be a truly dynamic center fielder for years to come, and that's something Cardinals fans cannot wait to see in action.