Cardinals: Paper cuts, missed opportunities, other Opening Day Reactions

Toronto Blue Jays v St. Louis Cardinals
Toronto Blue Jays v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages
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Missed opportunities cost the team runs and gave the Blue Jays more chances to score.

It’s hard to fault the Cardinals; offense in a game where they put up nine runs, but one could point to a 3-15 performance with runners in scoring position as one way the club could have put the Blue Jays away rather than giving them chances to regain the lead.

Honestly, what was most frustrating to me was Andrew Knizner’s pop-up on a bunt attempt in the bottom of the 8th inning. After Willson Contreras exited the game with a right knee contusion, Knizner came up and attempted to move Arenado to third on a bunt, but failed to do so. You cannot make mistakes like that in big spots like that, and it will further fans' concerns over Knizner’s value to this team.

Walker’s defense today reinforced concerns from many about whether or not he would be ready to manage the responsibilities required of a Major League outfielder. It’s one game, and maybe first-game jitters got the best of him, but you can argue he helped contribute to a few of the Blue Jays runs today as well.

You can’t beat yourself when facing contending teams like the Blue Jays, and unfortunately, the Cardinals did a bit of that today.