Cardinals Opening Day Roster Prediction 3.0: How roster looks after multiple injuries

The injury bug has bitten the Cardinals hard the last week, and now their Opening Day lineup has some major shakeups.

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Outfield (4) - Jordan Walker, Dylan Carlson, Alec Burleson, and Michael Siani

Here's where the major shakeups begin. The Cardinals have some tough decisions to make about their outfield to begin the season, and I think the fate of Victor Scott II may rest on a few factors.

First and foremost is his performance. If the club doesn't think he's ready for MLB action, they are not going to rush him to fill a need. They have Michael Siani on the 40-man roster already, so they do not feel pressure to force Scott onto their roster if he needs more seasoning.

Second, the timetable to return for both Nootbaar and Edman will likely play a large role. If both are expected to be back rather quickly, as it appears so right now, they probably won't have Scott on the roster, even if he's one of their best options. The Cardinals don't usually call up prospects like Scott to fill a need for just a few weeks, so unless he's going to remain on the roster and play almost everyday, it's hard to see them doing that.

The third thing that will impact Scott's ability to make the Opening Day roster is how Dylan Carlson, Alec Burleson, and Michael Siani finish camp. If the Cardinals feel fine about that trio and what they can provide to begin the year, they'll go in that direction. In the case of Siani, they likely would carry him as a reserve outfielder, so if they feel good about Carlson and Burleson both starting in most games, they won't want Scott riding the bench.

I would love for Scott to get a chance to begin the year with the Major League club. If he's dynamic and shows he belongs there, then that's a great problem to have. It would allow the club to be patient with Edman's return from injury, and once he's back, they don't have to rush him into everyday action. Edman can also fill an important role on the club by being the guy who slots in at any of the outfield or infield positions when needed, allowing everyone else to have consistent roles on the team.

I know that's not what Edman thought he'd be doing entering the year, but his lingering recovery is opening the door for youngsters to carve out a role, and I believe Scott should have that chance, as long as he finishes camp well.

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