Cardinals News: Matt Holliday resigns as bench coach, hire Joe McEwing as replacement

Chicago Cubs v St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cubs v St. Louis Cardinals / Michael Thomas/GettyImages

The St. Louis Cardinals made significant changes to their coaching staff with the hopes that it propels the team to the next level during the 2023 season. The most exciting change was the addition of Matt Holliday as the team's bench coach, but unfortunately, Holliday will end his career as the club's bench coach before it really began.

Holliday's surprise comes as a surprise to everyone after he made the decision to jump onto the coaching staff this off-season, but his desire to prioritize his family during this season of life is something that no one can blame him for. In some comments he made to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Holliday said the following.

"“When it came down to it, I just didn’t want to miss all the things with my kids,” Holliday told the Post-Dispatch on Thursday. “In theory, four months out it seemed like something I wanted. As it got closer, I just felt like I stopped playing (in the majors) because I didn’t want to miss all the things you miss. When you say ‘yes’ to something you say ‘no’ to something else.""

Matt Holliday

Although we all would have loved to have seen Holliday in the Cardinals dugout this season as Oli Marmol's right-hand man, his decision to prioritze his marriage and time with his four kids is priceless.

If you're not familiar with Joe McEwing, he spent the last 15 seasons with the White Sox organization and was most recently their third base coach for the past two seasons. Although he was not the club's first choice to take over for Skip Schumaker, McEwing's experience and knowledge of the game will be a huge asset to Marmol in the dugout.

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