Cardinals News: Frustrations reemerge in series sweep

Jordan Walker
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Jordan Walker provides spark on a gloomy day

Walker has a six-game hitting streak through his first six games. Walker capped off the streak with his first career home run.

What a sweet swing! The blast came in the seventh inning off Braves reliever Michael Tonkin. The homer traveled 383 feet at 104.2 mph. Unfortunately, it was just a solo shot, as the Cardinals couldn't put up many scoring opportunities during this series.

The Cardinals got Walker's first home run ball back for him. According to s story from Denton, the Cardinals' director of security, Phil Melchner, was able to retrieve the ball for Walker in exchange for a Walker-signed ball.

Walker presented the ball from his first career home run to his father, Derek. Mr. Walker is returning to Georgia with some priceless memorabilia from his son's first week in Major League Baseball, including the ball from his first hit, RBI, and a home run.

Definitely a proud Dad moment. Walker will undoubtedly have many more memorable moments.

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