Cardinals front office adviser Chaim Bloom not yet viewed as Mozeliak's heir

The St. Louis Cardinals currently don't have plans to elevate new front office adviser Chaim Bloom to the President of Baseball Operations role after John Mozeliak's contract ends in 2025.
Rafael Devers Boston Red Sox Press Conference
Rafael Devers Boston Red Sox Press Conference / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

After being raked through the coals in Boston, Chaim Bloom appears to want some time out of the limelight, as the former head of the Red Sox front office is currently not in the St. Louis Cardinals' plans to immediately succeed John Mozeliak in his position of president of baseball operations after 2025, when Mozeliak's contract expires.

According to John Denton of, the Cardinals did not hire Bloom to be Mozeliak's successor — at least not at the moment. While Bloom has the credentials and experience to serve in the role, there have been indications that Bloom is not interested at this time in running a team's front office and that he is content to serve as a part-time adviser to Mozeliak.

In November 2023, Bloom declined an interview to serve as the head of baseball operations for the Miami Marlins, eschewing a position that would have been similar to the one he had with the Red Sox. Bloom apparently wants to remain in the Boston area, as after his departure from the Red Sox, MassLive's Sean McAdam reported that "the timing wasn't right for [Bloom's] family" to seek a new location.

Bloom's eventual role with the Cardinals is uncertain, and he may be open to serving as the president of baseball operations for the 2026 season and beyond. If Bloom is not interested in the role come 2026 or the Cardinals want to look in a different direction, the team's current director of scouting, Randy Flores, could be a candidate to take the position. Flores has been outstanding as the head of the Cardinals' drafts since 2016, continually infusing the roster with young talent, and giving him more control over the roster could be a logical move.

The whispers that Bloom could be next in line for Mozeliak's job were prevalent before the Cardinals hired him, but the Cardinals aren't ready to give him control over the direction of the franchise, and Bloom doesn't appear to be chomping at the bit to acquire that role.

Whether Bloom ascends to a higher position over the next few years with the Cardinals or he stays in Boston while giving feedback to Mozeliak and his eventual successor, he should provide valuable insight to the Cardinals and hopefully help steer them back in a competitive direction.