Cardinals deadline priorities may no longer include a starting pitcher

The Cardinals need to address certain areas of the roster before the deadline. However, John Mozeliak seems to think the starting rotation is fine.
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As the Cardinals prepare to add at this year's trade deadline, a stark contrast from their fire sale last summer, it remains unclear as to what they'll be adding. Could they add a starting pitcher and make the rotation stronger for a potential playoff run? Or will they add a bat or two to bolster the lineup?

I think everyone would agree that both of those areas are the ones the Cardinals need to upgrade the most. If you ask me, offense should be the priority, but pitching still is important.

However, according to Ken Rosenthal, it appears that pitching may no longer be a priority for the Cardinals. John Mozeliak recently stated that there is no urgent need to acquire a starter.

"We're not going to chase something or do something that doesn't make sense or you have to overpay for," said Mozeliak.

Have the Cardinals priorities shifted from pitching?

It's fair to wonder if the Cardinals' priorities have shifted away from pitching. If that is the case, then it's a huge mistake.

Like I've said, I think offense is the more urgent need, even when Tommy Edman returns. But that doesn't mean they don't need a starter. To be fair, Andre Pallante has performed well, and the rotation is at the very least giving the Cardinals a chance to win games.

Rosenthal notes that one injury could spell trouble for the Cardinals rotation. Steven Matz is already down, and that caused a lot of problems. The main issue on the pitching side is depth. They're better served keeping Matthew Liberatore in the bullpen. Gordon Graceffo pitched well and is ready, but beyond him, there aren't a whole lot of options, which is why an injury could be so devastating for the Cardinals.

There hasn't been much progress from Zack Thompson, and Tink Hence and Quinn Matthews are still at least a year away. We also don't know when Cooper Hjerpe will be ready. This is why the Cardinals still need to look at adding another starter to the mix. It's not that I don't trust what they have, but they just need more, especially if they want to make noise in the postseason.

The Cardinals also need to take some pressure off the bullpen, which has been used quite a bit. Again, you can't deny that Pallante has pitched very well, and the rest of the Cardinals rotation is mostly doing its job, but extra rotation depth takes pressure off the bullpen, as you can use certain guys as long men and rely on them to cover innings and bridge the gap until the time comes to go to Andrew Kittredge, JoJo Romero, and Ryan Helsley.

Right now, it seems as though Mozeliak isn't terribly motivated to add another starting pitcher. We'll have to see what happens, but to me, that's a mistake, and it could lead the Cardinals into the same trap that cost them the 2023 season.

That's the last thing they need, especially since they've been playing so well. They can't afford to get complacent, or they'll be at risk of losing their momentum while other teams around them add pieces and improve.