Cardinals all-time best third basemen in franchise history

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Whitey Kurowski, Marty Marion, Walker Cooper
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#3 Whitey Kurowski

Whitey Kurowski was a five-time All-Star and helped the Cardinals to three World Series Championships in 1942, 44, and 46.

In the 1942 World Series, his lone home run came in the form of a game-winning homer off Red Ruling, breaking a 2-2 score in the ninth inning, clinching the World Series for the Cardinals over the Yankees.

He had a career of 24.7 WAR, hitting .286/.366/.455 with an OPS of .821 with 162 doubles, 106 home runs with 529 RBI in his nine-season career. He had a .957 fielding percentage, 137 double plays, and 1,025 putouts while playing at third for the Cardinals. Kurowski was known for his consistency throughout the season, including the dog days of July and August.

In 1949, Kurowski developed arm and elbow issues which cut his playing career short. Kurowski earned votes on the National League ballot in 1942 and 1944 - 1947. Kurowski is not in the National or Cardinals Hall of Fame but did gain induction into the National Polish-American Hall of Fame in 1988,

Kurowski passed away in December 1999.

Considering his consistent, All-Star caliber play throughout the 1940s, Kurowski would be a great addition to at least the Cardinals Hall of Fame.