Cardinals all-time best third basemen in franchise history

Nolan Arenado
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Nolan Arenado
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# 4 Nolan Arenado

Nolan Arenado joined the Cardinals in 2021 after the Rockies traded the Gold Glove third baseman for Aaron Gomber and Elehuris Montero, and a series of minor leaguers. There is no doubt that when all is said and done for Arenado, he will be higher in the Cardinals' all-time best third basemen rankings.

For now, Arenado has been named an All-Star in both seasons with St. Louis. He has won the Gold Glove for his play at third base in both seasons, was named a Silver Slugger in 2022, and was third in the National League MVP vote behind teammate Paul Goldschmidt and San Diego Padre Manny Machado.

In addition to being one of the top hitters on the team, Arenado provides jaw-dropping impressive defense at third base. He led the National League in 2022 in double plays, turned at third base with 42, and had a 7.9 WAR for the Cardinals in 2022, leading the National League.

Arenado will be a player to watch as he helps the Cardinals at third base and climbs the ranks of baseball's all-time best.