Cardinals all-time best third basemen in franchise history

Nolan Arenado
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Terry Pendleton
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#5 Terry Pendelton

During Terry Pendleton's time at third base for the Cardinals in the mid-1980s, he was a consistent workhorse leading the National League in games played at third. He played in 156 in 1986, 158 in 1987, and 161 in 1989.

Pendleton was a mainstay for the Cardinals at third base from 1984-90. He was a key contributor to their World Series appearances in 1985 and 1987. He was a Gold Glove-winning third baseman for the Cardinals in 1987 and 1989. He led the National League in putouts in 1986 with 133. He led the National League in assists at third base with 371 in 1986, 369 in 1987, and 392 in 1989. He turned 36 double plays from third base in 1986.

Pendelton signed with the Braves in December 1990 and was a key contributor to their World Series appearances in 1991, 92, and 96, and he never won a World Series championship.

He had a 28.4 WAR for his 15-season career, hitting .270/.316/.391 with an OPS of .707, He had 140 home runs and 946 RBI.

He may not have been the best offensively, but he was a dynamic fielder putting him with the greats to play for the Cardinals.