Cardinals all-time best second basemen in franchise history

Cardinals 2B Rogers Hornsby Batting
Cardinals 2B Rogers Hornsby Batting / Transcendental Graphics/GettyImages
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5. Tommy Herr

Tommy Herr got a cup of coffee with St. Louis in 1979 and played about a half-season worth of games the next season, not making much of an impression at that time. However, in 1981 campaign he earned a bit of MVP consideration and cemented himself as the starter at the keystone position.

Of course, the next year was a stellar one for the Cardinals, as the '82 teams defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in seven games to win their first World Series title since 1967, with Herr playing second base 135 times during the regular season.

Never a home run threat, Herr nevertheless had 110 RBI in 1985 while clearing the fence just eight times. He remains the last NL player to reach the century mark in ribbies while not achieving a double-digit homer total. A .302 average, .379 on-base percentage, and 97 runs scored earned Herr a fifth-place finish in MVP voting and his only All-Star appearance.

That '85 season was the second time Herr and the Cardinals reached the World Series together, and they repeated the feat in 1987. Unfortunately, both of those Fall Classics ended in seventh-game losses for St. Louis, first to the Kansas City Royals, then to the Minnesota Twins. In 1988, those same Twins acquired Herr from the Cardinals, ending his time with his original franchise.

During his time in St. Louis, Herr recorded 1,021 hits, scored 498 times, drove in 435 runs, swatted a whopping 19 home runs, and stole 152 bases while hitting .274/.349/.355 in 1029 games. Never a real star, he was a consistent presence for the Cardinals during the '80s, one of the most successful decades in franchise history.