Cardinals ace Sonny Gray undresses mid-game to "reset"

The St. Louis Cardinals ace felt the need to change his whole wardrobe in the middle of the game.
Chicago White Sox v St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago White Sox v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages

Sonny Gray is a calculated man. He is able to recall exact pitches from at-bats years ago, and his memory when recounting a game is pinpoint accurate. There are few players in the league who care more about their craft than the St. Louis Cardinals' new ace.

That quality was on full display during Friday night's game against the Chicago White Sox. After breezing through the first inning with only 7 pitches thrown, Gray's second and third innings were a little more taxing. He threw 16 in the second inning and 25 in the third.

After allowing a double to Andrew Vaughn in the second inning, Gray was able to limit the damage with a flyout and a strikeout. However, the third inning was where things began getting interesting for the right-handed starter.

Gray got two quick outs to start the third with a strikeout of Martin Maldonado in 6 pitches and a groundout of Braden Shewmake on the first pitch. The next two batters, Nicky Lopez (single after 7 pitches) and Tommy Pham (walk after 6 pitches) reached base. Lopez stole third, and runners were on the corners with two outs and Eloy Jiminez up to bat. Gray's good first two innings could have crumbled very quickly, but he was able to strand both runners.

Sonny was not pleased with himself after the inning, so much so that he went straight to the clubhouse in the bottom of the third. Once there, he felt the need to reset. In order to do that, Gray decided to fully undress and then redress with a new uniform, cleats, and socks.

"I've done this before, but I came in [the clubhouse], took all of my clothes off and got redressed. New cleats, socks, underwear, pants, belt, jersey, hat. ... Kind of like, 'Alright, you're a new guy.'"

Sonny Gray

Some players will rewatch the tape to get a reset. Others will simply swap gloves. Sonny Gray did a full outfit reset. Like he said, this isn't the first time he's done this.

Sonny Gray never promised us he would be a normal pitcher, but his uncanny methods are saving this rotation. In 5 starts, Gray has a 0.89 ERA, 1.55 FIP, and 11.27 K/9 in 30.1 innings. The 34-year-old righty has been as good as advertised, and his idiosyncrasies are more than welcome in a fanbase that has been dying for a leader.