Cardinals: 5 free agent targets to improve the club before Spring Training

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The St. Louis Cardinals seem to be pretty content with the roster they have entering Spring Training, but that will not stop them from exploring both the trade market and free agency to find ways to round out their big league club before pitchers and catchers report next month.

I do not think President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak would say the roster is perfect by any means. He knows that still have room to improve if they want to have a better shot of coming out of the National League, but he also understands that the club does not need to go out and make any panic moves. Yes, they lack reliable front-line pitching, and sure, we do not know exactly who will rise to the surface out of the Cardinals' young bats. The stance that St. Louis is taking, and one that I agree with, is to wait and see how their rotation pans out, and which bats end up making an impact. Then, the club can look to make a major move if they see a fit.

During Day 1 of the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up, Mozeliak gave his thoughts on the frustration behind the lack of spending this off-season and seemed to agree that there will be more changes to the roster as the months go on.

"“We could have spent more, but we are not just going to spend to spend. My guess is, by the season’s end, it will probably be spent.""

John Mozeliak

In future weeks, we'll look to speculate how the roster could be improved significantly between now and season's end, but I expect those types of moves to not be in the near future. Even so, I do think there are five moves the Cardinals could make between now and Spring Training to tighten up the roster even more, ensuring a great start to the season and being in a position of strength come the trade deadline.