Cardinals' 5 all-time best relief pitchers in franchise history

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5. Al Hrabosky

Known as The Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky had an amped-up personality when he took the mound. Hrabosky would turn his back to the batter, walk towards second base, and rub the ball between his palms several times. He would take a deep breath, and pound the ball into his glove. Hrabosky would then storm back to the mound and stare down the batter.

Cardinal fans loved it. The opposing batters did not.

The Cardinals drafted Hrabosky in the first round of the 1969 MLB Draft. In his eight seasons with the Cardinals, The Mad Hungarian was 40-20 with a 2.39 ERA. He finished 182 games for the Cardinals, with 59 saves. In 1975, Hrabosky won the NL Fireman of the Year with 22 saves, earning a career-high 13–3 record with an ERA of 1.67.

Hrabosky was traded to the Royals before the 1978 season. He was granted free agency and signed with the Braves in 1980. He last played in 1982

After his playing career ended, Hrabosky has been a color commentator for the Cardinals television broadcast. Recently, he has been an analyst on the pre and post-game broadcasts on Bally Sports Midwest. He does occasionally pitch in on the Cardinals Radio Network.

Hrabosky is beloved by Cardinals fans. He should be considered for the Cardinals Hall of Fame.