Cardinals: 3 biggest X-Factors going into 2023 season

Jack Flaherty
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Lars Nootbaar

Other than Walker, Lars Nootbaar has to be in the running for the potential to have a most exciting season. Noot has an exciting, infectious personality in the clubhouse and leaves all out on the field. This is the version he's displayed since coming to the Cardinals. It's also what he showed off while playing for Team Japan in the World Baseball Classic.

Nootbaar has gained an international following, and hopefully, this just serves as an incentive to just keeping putting it all out on the field and play every day, making outstanding plays in the outfield and at least putting the ball in play on a consistent basis. He has a pepper-grinding fanbase around the world that wants to see him grind out some amazing plays.

Much like O'Neill, Nootbaar can play all outfield positions. It will be interesting to see where Nootbaar fits in the scheme of how the team sets the outfield situationally.

The excitement level for this team is at an all-time high. Nootbaar adds a nice spice to it. If he keeps this up, it should be amazing to watch.

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