Cardinals: 3 biggest X-Factors going into 2023 season

Jack Flaherty
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Tyler O'Neill

Simply put, the Cardinals need the version of Tyler O'Neill who hits massive home runs and makes Gold Glove-caliber plays in the outfield.

This offseason O'Neill implemented a new workout program that concentrated on running and plyometrics. These changes should help him with speed on the base paths and in the outfield. Hopefully, this new program allows him to stay healthy while running out plays and launching beautiful home runs.

O'Neill is projected to move to the center field position after putting in the work at the position this Spring Training leading up to his performance with Team Canada. O'Neill won the Gold Glove twice playing in left field and has played some rightfield this spring. It seems the team wants the outfielders to be versatile enough to play either position or be the designated hitter.

The team needs the exciting, homer-mashing bro we all love. Here's hoping we get that version all season.