Cardinals: 3 biggest X-Factors going into 2023 season

Jack Flaherty
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Jack Flaherty

Jack Flaherty has struggled the past couple of seasons with an oblique injury and lingering arm issues. As he will become a free agent after this season, it will be fun to see him step up and show just how good he can be.

Could he ramp it up and show his ace stuff throughout the summer? Flaherty's last couple of starts began well, but he struggled as he went along. The Cardinals need more from Flaherty. He wants to show off how good he can be, not just because he could be a free agent after this season. Flaherty has been on the bench during the past couple of postseasons. He wants to compete with his team. He wants to win and be that pitcher the Cardinals need him to be this year. He wants to help Wainwright win in his final season as a Cardinal, noting how much Wainwright has meant to him.

It's believed that after Mikolas's extension, Flaherty could be next. It would be great if getting a contract signed and out of the way now so that he could remain with the Cardinals. Flaherty could relax, not worry about the future and be the ace pitcher the Cardinals need.

Flaherty having a strong season is so important for a successful Cardinals season.