Busch Stadium gets snubbed in latest ballpark rankings

According to a CBS poll, Busch Stadium ranks outside the top half of stadiums in baseball.

Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

The city of Rome was known for many things. From aqueducts to a complete road system, innovation was common and astounding in one of the greatest cities in history. However, what Rome may be most known for still to this day would be its athletic arenas. The Colosseum is one of the most visited places to this day, and its visitors flocked in droves to the magnificent structure thousands of years ago.

Sporting stadiums draw millions of fans a year; these magnificent structures must mirror the popularity that they possess. Architects, engineers, and designers work hard to make a modern arena with nods to a franchise's history.

USA Today recently released their rankings of all 30 MLB stadiums. The top 3 were predictable: PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Oracle Park in San Francisco (designed by the same group that designed Busch Stadium III), and Wrigley Field in Chicago. However, one particular stadium didn't make an appearance in the top half of the list: Busch Stadium III.

The illustrious ballpark for the St. Louis Cardinals is entering its 18th season in existence. Construction on the stadium started in January 2004, and its inaugural game was on April 10th, 2006. The third rendition of Busch Stadium can hold nearly 46,000 people, and Ballpark Village just across the street provides ample opportunity for fans to eat, drink, and be merry before or after games.

Busch Stadium and the surrounding area have been rejuvenated in recent years, especially after the additions of apartments catty-corner to the stadium aptly dubbed One Cardinal Way.

Joe Mock of USA Today states that Busch is a "solid example of a modern-day retro-looking stadium". He also touts BPV as an entertainment district that provides a lot to do. Stadiums such as Minute Maid Park, Comerica Park, Kauffman Stadium (I live in Kansas City, and I must say that the architecture of Busch Stadium III far surpasses Kauffman. Plus, the lack of entertainment in and around Kauffman leaves much to be desired), and Petco Park were ranked ahead of Busch Stadium.

Players from near and far always boast about the confines of Busch Stadium. The amenities are plentiful, and the field is always in great condition. Additionally, it provides benefits to hitters and umpires that other stadiums don't.

Busch Stadium is likely a top-10 stadium in Major League Baseball, and its exclusion from the top third on this particular list is near a travesty. The red brick, entertainment district, and skyline background in center field are enviable. The Cardinals Hall of Fame is the icing on the cake in a stadium that boasts historical success and unmatched elegance.

At least Cardinal fans can take solace in the fact that Busch Stadium was ranked ahead of Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay and the Oakland Coliseum for the A's.