Here is the blueprint for the St. Louis Cardinals to win the MLB trade deadline

Capitalizing on the value of impending free agents and aggressively pursuing upgrades for 2024 would lead to the Cardinals winning the trade deadline.
Houston Astros v St. Louis Cardinals
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6. Trade Jordan Hicks for a top-100 prospect

What a journey Jordan Hicks has been on this season. There was a stretch of baseball where I thought it made sense to DFA Hicks during the beginning of the season, and now he could command a strong return on the trade market.

In my opinion, Hicks' value falls somewhere between Montgomery and Flaherty. I think Montgomery can fetch a package headlined by a top-100 prospect, while I think Flaherty brings in an interesting set of prospects. Hicks I think could get a stronger package than Flaherty but no top-100 prospect, or he could be dealt straight up for someone in the top 100.

Pretty much every contender needs bullpen help, and some will be desperate to add an arm like Hicks to the back end of their bullpen.