Best bang for your buck: revealing shortstop free agent values vs Cardinals

Seven All-Star caliber shortstops have been signed recently, and the Cardinals passed on each one of them. Were they wise to run with who they already had?
St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Marcus Semien

Marcus Semien was initially drafted by the Chicago White Sox and played three seasons there before being traded to the Oakland Athletics. He then spent six years with the A's followed by one season with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2021. Semien was the second piece of the Texas Rangers infield plans when he was signed in the offseason of 2021.

For his career, Semien has accumulated 28.7 WAR in just over 12 seasons. He has been paid slightly less than $85 million for his career. Fangraphs estimates that his free agent value would be $229.3 million. This places his surplus value at $144.3 million.

Semien has been a greater value player than any of the previous players discussed so far.