Adam Wainwright shares a crazy story about 9/11

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Adam Wainwright has been around for a long time. The veteran right-hander made his Major League debut in 2005 and has been one of the Cardinals most consistent and durable pitchers since then, having closed out four postseason series and won two World Series rings.

But it may not have turned out that way if not for certain events taking place that altered the course of his life and career. Prior to Monday's game against the Orioles, the 42-year-old right-hander shared an interesting story with Alexa Datt of Bally Sports Midwest.

Back in September of 2001, he and his brother Trey met in New York for a vacation. Trey was about to start a job in New York City, and Adam wanted to visit him before he began his work.

On September 10, the two of them planned on going to a Yankees game and watching Roger Clemens pitch. That game ended up being rained out. Wainwright and his brother had planned on going to Cooperstown the next day to see the Hall of Fame.

However, prior to that, they were scheduled to meet with Wainwright's financial planner for breakfast in the morning. Wainwright said that he and his brother had a decision to make, and ultimately decided to reschedule that meeting, which ultimately worked out for the best.

Wainwright was supposed to be in the World Trade Center the next morning for that meeting. That next morning is when the planes hit the twin towers.

Adam Wainwright averted disaster

Fortunately, the Wainwright brothers were not in the twin towers on that fateful morning, and ultimately averted what would have been a terrible tragedy for the Wainwright family.

The veteran right-hander expressed sadness over what took place on that terrible day.

It's crazy to think that everything could have taken a drastic turn for the worst for Wainwright and his brother. The cancellation of their meeting with Wainwright's financial planner clearly worked out for the best, as it meant that the two brothers were not in the World Trade Center at the time the planes hit.

Had they been there that morning, the course of baseball history, especially as it pertains to the Cardinals would have been forever changed in a very negative way.

On the four-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Wainwright came out of the bullpen and made his Major League debut against the New York Mets at Busch Memorial Stadium.

He is set to continue his chase for 200 career wins.