A good, bad, and ugly look into the Cardinals first half

It's been an ugly start to a Cardinals' season with high expectations
Oliver Marmol
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Bad - What isn't bad right now?

The Cardinals are in last place with a dismal record of 38-52. They are 11.5 games back of the first-place Cincinnati Reds.

The team has had some of the worst losses in one-run games than a fan could imagine. Fans are frustrated, which means the team should be furious. While they look lackluster and like they are going through the motions in some games, the team must turn things around quickly.

Mozeliak says that moves must be made, and trades will happen, focusing on next season. How that proceeds should be exciting and indicate a possible turnaround this season. Not to say the Cardinals win the division, but getting out of last place would be nice. Playing a spoiler to contending teams would be fun too.

And then there is the inconsistent hitting. The poor defense from players playing out of position. The pitching woes. It's something fans have seen from the Cardinals in decades. It has been a learning experience that management knows that fans never want to see this nightmare again. Here's hoping the Cardinals make it through the next few weeks as a much-improved team, ready to make a push out of last place.