9 potential Cardinals managers if Oliver Marmol is fired this season

A rough start to the 2024 season has reinvigorated discussions surrounding Marmol's job safety. These 9 candidates could supplant him.
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Jon Jay

Jon Jay, along with Matt Holliday, is a bit more unproven than others on this list. He was brought on as a first base and outfield coach for the 2023 season when Skip Schumaker became manager of the Miami Marlins. He retired in 2021 after playing for 12 years. While he played for 7 different teams, he spent the bulk of his glory years with the St. Louis Cardinals from 2010 until 2015.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported last fall that several teams have an interest in hiring Jon Jay to be their field manager. While he is with the Marlins now, there is every possibility that he would like to move up the coaching tree and become a full-fledged manager. Jay's IQ is high; it's expected that translates to the manager role.

Jay was a part of the Miami Marlins coaching staff that led the team to the playoffs for the first time since 2003 (excluding the 2020 season). The list of former base coaches who have become managers isn't long, but it is accomplished. Alex Cora was a humble first base coach for the Houston Astros before becoming the manager for the Boston Red Sox in 2018. Rocco Baldelli was a first base coach for the Tampa Bay Rays immediately before becoming manager of the team he once played for in Minnesota.

The Cardinals could have a leg up when interviewing Jon Jay. He's very familiar with ownership and management. He would be a bit of a risky hire, and his age -- 39 -- would once again make him a young hire for the Cardinals.

Jay may not be the biggest splash of hirings if Oli Marmol were fired, but he would be fun to see back in St. Louis, particularly in such a monumental role.